If there’s one thing more of us need in a home, it’s space. Whether you are trying to make space appear larger, or trying to free up a cluttered area in your home to make way for new furniture, there are different tactics and approaches you can take to make this happen.

As a house cleaning company, we love the idea of open spaces! Here are some of our tips to make that happen:


This might be the most obvious – but if you have a lot of ‘stuff’ and not a lot of space, it’s time to declutter. Hosting a garage sale, donating to goodwill and offering older pieces to family and friends who may be interested is a great way to get rid of items you don’t need. If some pieces are too bulky for your current space, trying swapping them out for something that is a better fit for your home.

Create Hidden Storage Solutions

This is a great idea for stowing away smaller items that create clutter. Looking for furniture that offers storage within them such ottomans, credenzas and even coffee tables. You can easily stow away items such as blankets, magazines, toys and more to clean up your space a bit. Having a furniture piece double as storage will keep you from having to buy more shelving units and cupboards, which take up more space.

Install Mirrors

If you want to make a room feel larger, mirrors can really open up space, especially where windows lack. Large mirrors or an installment of a few mirrors that make up a design will give the illusion of a large space. They also double as beautiful décor.


As homes are being built smaller, built-in bookshelves are making a HUGE comeback. They take away the bulk of shelving units and create a nice tucked-away feature where you can store, display or organize items. If your small space is not going to be accommodating for shelving where you need it, considering a project that will save you space in the long-run: built-ins.

Take The Minimalist Approach

This is an approach that is not as easy as it sounds. Many of us love collecting ‘stuff’ and become so attached to our ‘stuff’ that we have a difficult time letting it go. On the other hand, this ‘stuff’ is what is taking up space in our home. Each month, take a mental note of all the clutter in your home and start deciding what you NEED, what is a NICE TO HAVE and what NEEDS TO GO NOW. Get rid of all non-essential items for no-fuss living. Trust us, you will love the extra space you will get to enjoy.

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