If there’s one room in the home that gets overlooked – it’s the bathroom. It not mean much to you, but how often do you invite a guest over who uses your washroom and compliments you on how nice the décor was? When you need a moment to relax and you indulge in a hot bath or a luxurious bubble bath, does your washroom feel like a spa?

It’s true, we’re a cleaning company in Durham Region, so we’ve obviously cleaned a lot of bathrooms. Over time, we’ve taken notes – things we love, ideas to make it feel more peaceful and serene and the little things that brighten up your space and make it feel more like a room in your home rather than an uncomfortable ‘area’ of your home.

Like always, we want to provide you with some insider tips to make your bathroom look amazing!

Playful Shower Curtains And Cheeky Bathmats

White is clean, nice, bright and…vanilla. Your shower curtain doesn’t have to be over-the-top or overwhelming, but prints and designs can really go a long way. If something on the bolder side is too much for you can try a solid colour for a colour blocking effect. Boring bathmats are totally out this year. The bathroom is already the butt-end of all jokes (pun intended), so you might as well have fun with it! Cheeky bathmats are all the rage right now and there’s no shortage of hilarious yet tasteful bathmats to make things fun.

Moisture-Loving Plants

We bet you didn’t think of this yet! Plants make every space feel better, so why not include bring them into the bathroom? From succulents to larger lush plants, these green guys can make your washroom feel less secluded from the home.

Cupboards Don’t Have To Be White

Again, we circle back to white – but it seems to be a popular choice for this room. Everything else in your bathroom is white, so why not paint your cupboards say, pastel pink, robin’s egg blue or lavender? You would be surprised at what a beautiful impact it can make.

Replace The Mirror

Those wall-length stock mirrors are great for seeing yourself, your shower, the window behind you and everything else in the bathroom at once – but they aren’t doing your décor. Replace the mirror with a trendy framed mirror. You will love the difference!


Towels, Soap and Simple Toiletries

Hand towels and bath towels should never be skimped on. Splurge on the more expensive plush ones. They feel better, look better and guests appreciate them more. You only have to buy an extra pair of each and save them for guests if you are working with a budget. Guest soaps may feel a little 80’s/90’s but they do still exist, and they go a long way! Places like Lush, Bath and Body Works and independent soap companies will have great options. Also, leave a few extra toiletries around for guests to use as they please. Product and perfume/cologne samples are perfect to leave in a jar or dish – just in case!

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